Celebrations and services

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Holy masses:

  • on Sundays and holidays: 6.00a.m., 7.00a.m., 8.30a.m., 10.00a.m., 11.30a.m., 1.00p.m., 4.00p.m„ 6.00p.m. (from 1st October till 30th April), 7.00p.m. (from 1st May till 30 September),
  • on weekdays and Saturdays: 6.00a.m., 7.00a.m., 8.00a.m., 11.00a.m., 6.00p.m.

Confessions: every day from 6.00a.m. till 7.00p.m.

More important celebrations and services:

  • Prayer Days of Militia Immaculatae - the last Sunday in July.
  • The Day of St. Maximilian Kolbe the Martyr, the Founder of Niepokalanow - 14th August.
  • The Assumption of the BVM - 15th August.
  • The day of the Immaculate Conception of the BVM, preceded by a novena, 8th December.
  • The Prayer Day through St. Maximilian's mediation - on each 14th day of the month, 6.00p.m.
  • The Prayer Day for Holy Father and the Homeland - on each 16th day of the month, 6.00p.m.
  • May, June and October Services - 6.30p.m.