The Sanctuary

  • front of basilica
    front of basilica
  • the east side of basilica
    the east side of basilica

The church is certainly the heart of the sanctuary. It was erected mainly during the period of particular difficulties for sacral building, i.e. in the years 1948-1954 but the ornamentation of the interior has been going on until now. Because Pope John Paul II granted the church with the title of basilica minor in 1980 we will use this name from now on.

The building is oriented from the east to the west; its outside measurements are: from the beginning of the stairs to the end of the apse - 84.8m, width - 18m (with chapels - 33m). The height of the tower - 47m. The bells and the mechanism of a clock with five faces (one inside the church) were hung in it. The clock was constructed by friars watchmakers headed by Friar Wlodzimierz Blaszczyk, to the design of Friar Wawrzyniec Podwapinski.

Behind the apse of the basilica there is the field altar where services are held during holidays and indulgencies. Under it there is a hall assigned for celebrations and religious meetings and for the Passion of Christ Mystery Play.

To the right of the church fronton there is the vocation centre - i.e. the information point for the potential candidates for monastic communities.

In the front niche of the church there shines the statue of Our Lady the Immaculate made by friars sculptors. Higher in the gable one can see the figures of Franciscan saints (from the left): Bonaventure, Francis, Anthony of Padua. Similarly over the frontons of side chapels: from the north the saints: Bernard of Clairvaux, Louis Grignion de Montfort and

Bl. Jacob Strzemię, a Franciscan monk, Halicz-Lvov archbishop from the turn of 14th/15th centuries - all remarkable worshippers of the Mother of God; from the south there are the figures of holy ladies: Elisabeth of Hungary, Clare of Assisi and Salomea of the Piast family, the Halicz Queen and later a Poor Clare nun - they are representatives of the 2nd and 3rd Franciscan Orders.

Under the basilica presbytery there is the Chapel of Our Lady of Częstochowa and the Millennium Panorama.

The artistically wrought bars which can be observed from the outside cover the windows of both sacristies.

The church was covered with a tin roof a dozen or so years ago.